Cam's Kids Nature Challenge

Cam's Kids Nature Challenge
The benefits of nature are endless when it comes to managing physical and mental well-being. Which is why for the next 21 days (beginning July 29th, 2019), Cam's Kids challenges you to spend some amount of time (ie. 30 minutes) outside each day, get active, and enjoy the many benefits that nature has on your mental health. Bonus: participation will enter you to win a pair of Blue Jays Tickets!

"To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles" - Mary Davis

When it comes to managing physical and mental well-being, the benefits of nature are endless. It reduces anxiety and stress levels, boosts your immunity, improves concentration and creativity, improves life (and job) satisfaction; the list goes on.

Unfortunately, we currently live in a world where people (especially young people) are spending far too much time in front of their screens. Meaning, nowhere near enough of us are taking advantage of this incredible resource, despite its accessibility and powerful benefits.


We would like to change that. We are encouraging everyone to take some time each day to disconnect, in order to reconnect with nature and discover all of its glory and benefits!

To enoucourage this movement, we have created #camskidsnaturechallenge - a 21 day challenge to get you outside!!

For the next 21 days (beginning July 29th, 2019), Cam's Kids challenges you to spend time (ie. 30 minutes) outside each day. This could be spent reading, gardening, cutting the lawn, walking your dog, being physically active, eating lunch or even simply watching the clouds go by. However you choose to spend your time outdoors is up to you, but we encourage you to be as creative as you can. Perhaps try something new? Or maybe find a way to take a task you normally complete inside, and bring it outside instead!

To allow others to learn from your creativity and to be motivated to join the movement, Cam's Kids Nature Challenge participants are encouraged to: 

  1. Follow Cam's Kids on Instagram (@camskids_8) or Facebook (camskids8)
  2. Tag us in a picture of your daily activity, using the hashtag #camskidsnaturechallenge

For every picture tagged, participants will be entered into a draw to win a pair of Blue Jays Tickets!!! 

While the challenge lasts but 21 days, our hope is after experiencing all the benefits nature has to offer, participants will fall (back) in love with the great outdoors and create a long-lasting nature habit!

For full contest details, please see the details below.

Remember, while we encourage you to capture the moment, do your best to put down your phone afterwards and be present in the moment. 

Contest details: 

  • One post (ie. instagram story, facebook update, etc)= one entry into the draw
  • One entry per day (ie. max 21 entries)
  • Tag @camskids_8 and use the hashtag #camskidsnaturechallenge
  • Contest opens July 29th 2019 and closes Monday August 19th 2019

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