Let's Dance it Out!

Let's Dance it Out!
On Monday March 30th from 7-8pm, Cam's Kids and Port Perry Zumba is proud to be offering a FREE online Zumba event, via the Cam's Kids Instagram Account! We understand times are tough right now, so let's dance it out!

Have you heard of Zumba before? It is quickly growing as one of the most popular group exercise programs, and rightfully so. Zumba is designed for ANYBODY who wishes to have fun, exercise, dance or new way to take a study break and let loose. Best part is that it doesn’t require any special dancing talent. All you need to do is let yourself go, let the music move you and follow your instructor.

We know times are tough right now. Stress and anxiety may be running high. We want to help however we can. On Monday March 30th, Cam's Kids and Port Perry Zumba is proud to be offering a FREE, ONLINE Zumba event, via our Instagram Account (@camskids_8). From 7-8pm, Katherine Highstead from Port Perry Zumba will be taking over our Instagram, and going live on our story to run this fun event!

Why Zumba? When we dance, the body releases endorphins and oxytocin (the same way laughter does) - two chemicals responsible for creating happiness! This helps promote a positive mood and decreases stress!

So as Grey's Anatomy has taught us, it's time to "dance it out".

A huge thank you to Josh Kelly, Sarah Mosher and our instructor Katherine Highstead for making this event possible!

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