2017 Ponder This! Scores Big for Cam's Kids
2017 Ponder This! Scores Big for Cam's Kids
This February, the puck dropped on the 2017 Ponder This! Hockey tournament in support of Cam's Kids.

Ponder This!

This February, the puck dropped on the 2017 Ponder This! Hockey tournament in support of Cam's Kids. Returning for its second year, the popular pond hockey event welcomed close to 300 participants, spectators, sponsors, and Cam's Kids volunteers who spent an afternoon on the ice to help raise funds in support of youth struggling with anxiety.

“It was a huge success, even if the weather was slightly milder than we had hoped,” says Linda Hicks, Cam's mother and co-founder of Cam's Kids. “Last year we played during the coldest day of winter, and this year we had one of the warmest. That meant transitioning from an ice hockey tournament to a ball hockey tournament at the last moment, but in the end it was still an amazing day filled with camaraderie and kindness.”

Indeed, despite unseasonably warm conditions, 2017's Ponder This! enjoyed a greater turnout and more support than its freshman event in 2016. Teams turned up early in the morning to compete in the tournament, which ended in a thrilling championship game showdown between the Swiffer Dusters, led by Cam's Kids Ambassadors, and the Brookfield GIS team, led by Andrew and Mitch Hicks. When the dust cleared, it was Cam's own brothers who took home the 2017 Cam's Cup.

“What a perfect showdown and reflection of Cam's Kids Foundation's focus on young people,” said Linda Hicks, adding, “The tournament organizers couldn't have scripted it any better!”

Special thanks goes to the Ponder This! organizing team of Sorrelle, Skytop Events, Superfly Racing, and 3Rox Racing, who made 2017's event a resounding success. Looking back on the day, Sorrelle notes, “We were all very pleased with the day, and raised an outstanding amount of funds and awareness for the Cam's Kids Foundation. I believe the fact people came out and showed the incredible enthusiasm they did, is a testament to how meaningful the Hick’s family, Cam and the foundation which bears his name are to everyone. This isn't just a pond hockey tournament; it's an opportunity to unite for a bigger cause and have fun while doing it.”

That support included sponsors from across the industry including Shut Out Sponsor Flynn Canada, food provider Clem’s Custom Wing Shop and local beer maker The Second Wedge Brewing Co, which provided refreshments. See the full list of sponsors here.

“Cam's Kids is genuinely grateful to everyone who supported the event through their generous sponsorships, donations, and participation,” says Linda Hicks. “It was wonderful to have this incredible level of support; locally, corporately and beyond, having all these amazing people helping to continue Cam's legacy of kindness and love.”

2017's Ponder This! Hockey may have just ended, but Cam's Kids is already gearing up for a hat trick in winter 2018. As for what to expect, Sorrelle says it'll only get better from here: “We've super excited to think about new ways to make it even more successful next year.”

Want a replay of the action from Ponder This! Hockey 2017? Check out our gameday video, courtesy of Karin Welsh.

Ponder This! Hockey 2017 from Talking Crow Video on Vimeo.

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