Living With an Eating Disorder

Living With an Eating Disorder
Living With an Eating Disorder
Through her insightful videos, Psychotherapist Joelle Anderson helps explain what living with an eating disorder is really like. Giving the hard truths, and debunking common myths surround this mental health struggle.

In Canada, the first week of February is known as Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW). A week to raise awareness about the mental health struggle that impacts 1 million Canadians. 

To help do our part in raising awareness, we turned to one our panel of experts Joelle Anderson, who specializes in eating disorder treatment; having worked in college, hospital and private psychotherapy settings. 

Below are two of her videos discussing eating disorders.

The first: Eating Disorder 101 helps explain what living with this mental health struggle is really like.

The second: What an Eating Disorder is Not, clearly and eloquently debunks some of the most common misconceptions surrounding eating disorders, and explains exactly why they are not true. 

You can find more of Joelle's videos right here. She has a plethora of videos ranging from guided meditations to awareness videos surrounding anxiety and other mental health struggles. You can also find her on Instagram @kernelofwisdom, or online at Please note that she is not currently accepting new patients at this time.

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