Disconnect to Reconnect

Disconnect to Reconnect
Disconnect to Reconnect
As Millennials, we have grown up in a world surrounded by technology. Sure,this technology brings along convenience, but at what cost?

As Millennials, we have grown up in a world surrounded by technology. There's no question that this technology brings along convenience, but at what cost?

When it comes to work, technology allows us to explore new areas and become more efficient with our time. However, the constant feeling of being connected can be detrimental for our mental health.

Research has shown that workers who feel obligated to check professional emails outside of their designated work hours report:

  1. Higher levels of anxiety
  2. Overall lower levels of wellbeing
  3. Decreased relationship quality and well-being of their significant other.

It's not just our emails/text messages that are troubling either. The dawn of social media has allowed us to stay more connected with the world more than ever before, and yet we are more alone and disconnected than ever. This has led experts to declare a loneliness epidemic amongst our humanity. Personal contact and validation has been replaced by the popularity contest and #doitforthegram nature of social media.

Plus, it is not just what is being shown on our screens that’s the issue – it’s what’s being emitted (to learn more, please checkout our articles on how wireless technology could be contributing to your anxiety).

With all this said, it is time we stop living our lives on our devices and go out and experience all that the world has to offer. It's time to rekindle our relationship with Mother Nature, humanity, and with ourselves !

Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

  • Set Boundaries
    • Look at your lifestyle and decide where phones do not need to belong
      • Ie. in the bedroom, in the bathroom, during mealtimes
  • No Phone Challenges
    • Do you find yourself checking social media right before bed and first thing when you wake up?
    • Challenge yourself to no phone between the hours of 9am-9pm and experience the mental clarity and sleep improvements that will come along with it! Want to push yourself even more? Try "No Phone Sundays"!
    • Tip: don’t forget to actually turn off your phone to reduce the radio-frequency radiation and remove your temptation to do a quick “scroll”
  • Turn Off Your Wi-Fi When You’re Not Using It
    • Especially as a student, access to WIFI can be vital to completing day-day tasks. However, this does not mean you need it on 24/7.
    • Try turning it off whenever you are not needing it (perhaps between 9AM-9PM)
    • Tip: some Wi-Fi modems can even be automatically shut off during set times. You can learn whether your modem has this feature on YouTube or by contacting your service provider.
  • Leave Your Phone at Home
    • I know this may sound scary, but you can do it! If our parents survived without phones when they went out at our age, so can we! You got this!!
      • Ie. during your evening walks, when you’re meeting up with a friend, going out for dinner, etc.
    • Tip: find a friend that makes you forget to check your phone!
  • Give Yourself a Digital Detox
    • Instead of staring at the nature background on your phone - go out and experience it first hand
    • Try Forest Bathing, going for a nightly walk, discover a new sport/activity
    • Treat yourself to a float or salt-bath
    • Plan a weekend away where you leave your phone in the car (tip: go somewhere where there is no service, thereby forcing you to disconnect)


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