Letting Go

Letting Go
Letting Go
Letting go is never easy. Yet, when we’re hanging on to negative things like toxic relationships, self-doubt and fear, or shame and guilt, we strip away our power and limit our ability to move forward.

Whether it’s your favourite t-shirt that’s no longer fits, or your childhood home that your family has outgrown – letting go is never easy. Yet, we need to leave these things behind in order to move forward; to grow. When we’re hanging on to negative things like toxic relationships, self-doubt and fear, or shame and guilt, the importance of moving on is that much greater.

Toxic Relationships

Let's think about this one in terms of the old t-shirt analogy we made earlier. At one point - that t-shirt was an important member of your wardrobe. It clearly made you feel good about yourself, otherwise you would have never bought it. And yet, just because you loved it once, or because you have hundreds of memories in this shirt, does NOT mean it must stay in your life forever. Especially if it makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. 

The same theory applies when it comes to relationships.

If you are finding yourself pushing your limits, wavering on your boundaries or stretching yourself so thin that you have nothing left for yourself then something needs to change. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your friend, your partner or even a family member, you need to take care of yourself, FIRST.


Shame or Guilt

Why is it that we are often the hardest on ourselves? We forgive others when they make a mistake, but we punish ourselves when we do the same. We hold onto guilt or shame, believing we deserve to feel the way we do.

It’s time to let go of the heavy stuff. Free yourself of any guilt or shame. Take lessons from mistakes and move forward.


Self-Doubt or Fear

Letting go of things can be scary. What will happen when you do? What will be next for you? Is it the right choice? While you can never know for sure the answers to these questions, you will also never know until you try.


We must have trust and faith that there is a future waiting for us that is beyond what we may be able to see right now. It’s time to stop holding ourselves back, and manifest the changes we want to see happen.

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