Cam's Kids
"Supporting Young People Struggling with Anxiety"

Identify anxiety and get the resources you need to overcome it


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Text "CAM" to 686868
for free, confidential support - 24/7.
Reach out - no matter the concern.


Two candy canes held across each other in a heart shape by a person wearing a plaid jacket.
Candy Cane Campaign 2021
The Cam’s Kids Candy Cane Campaign was created to spread holiday cheer and bring awareness to the Cams’ Kids Foundation, and our goal of “Supporting Young People Struggling with Anxiety!”
A paper cutout of a curly black moustache attached to a stick with a blue men's health ribbon wrapped around it.
Movember 2021
As soon as October ends, Movember begins! Movember is the month where "Mo Bros" and "Mo Sisters" come together to make a lasting difference in men's physical and mental health.
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