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The Annual Chocolate Heart Campaign
Let's spread kindness! That's the theme of this year's Chocolate Heart Campaign. And boy is this year's campaign going to be a big one - with 30,000 Dove Chocolate Hearts to be distributed to campuses, high schools and communities across the country!!
USS Volunteer Fair
On Wednesday February 26th, USS will be hosting a Volunteer Fair, designed to exposure students to various organizations available with whom they may wish to get involved with. Cam's Kids is thrilled to be one of the organizations in attendance!
Cam's Kids Ambassadors Supporting Cancer Research
On Friday March 6th from 7pm-7am, 10 Cam's Kids Ambassadors are following the footsteps of thousands across the country, by participating in the Relay for Life fundraising event at the Trent Athletic Centre.
30 More Cam's Kids Ambassadors to Become SafeTALK Certified
On Sunday March 1st, 30 Cam’s Kids Ambassadors from Durham Region and Trent University will be gathering at Ontarioo Tech University to attend the safeTALK alertness training session, to learn how to identify and avert suicide risks.
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