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Sam Pirillo Trent U
Finding Support Through My Family and Friends
If I can offer one piece of advice, it would be to find a support system or to BE that support system. Whether it be family, friends, or even someone through mental health services, there is someone out there who will be there for you. The truth is you are not alone.
Sanjana Karani from St. Mary's
Working on yourself and your goals is not a straight line, it is a rollercoaster!
Though mental health recovery is not linear, I deserved more than to be pushed aside and dismissed by the first doctors I went to for help. I know from my own experience that it’s not always easy to ask for help. I know it’s not an easy process to change your mindset or coping strategies. Working on yourself and your goals is not a straight line, it is a rollercoaster.
Sanjana Karani from St. Mary's
Anxiety Is Isolating
Anxiety is a very isolating mental illness. I felt so alone and misunderstood because no one could relate to what I was experiencing. People would ask me what was wrong, and I honestly did not know how to answer that question because there wasn't anything that was bothering me. I started to worry that my feelings would lead to actions that could hurt the people around me.
Sanjana Karani from St. Mary's
My Anxiety Is Like A Roller Coaster
I have learned from my own experiences, and that of others when I listen to them, is that everyone’s experiences are different and so maybe the approaches. The key is to listen, acknowledge, validate and understand and last but not least try to help as much as you can with the best of your abilities.
Samantha Faris McMaster University
My Battle with OCD and GAD
I am proof that you can live life and take back control. I developed my greatest strength to control my thoughts from my darkest time. Of course, it is still a daily struggle, especially in university; there are good days and bad, but I know I can take control.
Samantha Faris McMaster University
It's Never Too Late To Reach Out For Help
One major thing I learned from therapy was being asked to acknowledge my thoughts or feelings, to challenge them, question if it was a realistic thought and ask myself if I had control over it.
Gabby Holt University Of Guelph
Gabby's Experience Opening Up
The CDC says that 1 in 5 adults will experience a mental illness in a given year. 1 in 5 children currently have or will experience mental illness.. What I’ve learned from this is I am a part of that group.
How I Learned to Live and Love Again
How I Learned to Live and Love Again
I realize my anxiety and my depression will never go away, but I also know that I can help myself and make that dark cloud above me smaller and smaller until it is just a speck.
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Since elementary school, I have struggled with anxiety, and I continue to struggle today, but I have learned how to cope with it and not let it take over my life.

Some of Our Supporter Stories

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Hayden, Cam's Kids' Ambassador, recently organized a unique and successful event to raise money and awareness for mental health initiatives including Cam's Kids. Read the whole story here...


Peter Dauncey, a former World Champion Weightlifter, dedicates his time to helping others. Recently, Dauncey came forward with the idea of hosting a Bench Press Competition at Body Fit Health Club, in Uxbridge, to raise money and awareness for Cam’s Kids Foundation. Check out Peter's Story and learn more about Peter's Bench Press competition to benefit Cam's Kids.


UOttawa Entrepeneurs sell Hats for Cam's Kids

Recently, a group of students from Ottawa University started selling hats with the slogan "Make UOttawa Great Again" as a play on Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again". They were very successful - with every hat they sold, they gave $5 to Cam's Kids and also included a Cam's Kids bookmark with their sale. They ended up selling over 200 hats and raising $1000 for Cam's Kids! On March 16th, they presented Ambassador Andrew Hicks with the cheque signifying their donation to Cam's Kids. What an incredible show of support for the Foundation!

The initiative was headed by Erik Mosney with his partners Kyle Stinson and Mitch Robinson. Thanks so much for your support Erik, Kyle, and Mitch!


Karmady x Cam’s Kids Foundation

Cam’s Kids is a non-profit organization that I feel passionate about. Earlier this year I began making jewellery and donating part of the profits to Cam’s Kids. I have since expanded to an Etsy shop with my business partner Ani. We are constantly designing new product, both jewellery, clothing and working with vintage pieces, and we are hoping to move forward with this cause. We are now adding select items to our shop, with specific stones and stamped wording that will be sold with 10% of the profit donated to Cam’s Kids Foundation. The items supporting the organization will be under the title “Cam’s Kids x Karmady” with the name of the item.


USS Pancake Dinner

The Uxbridge Secondary School Business Leadership Class hosted an incredibly successful Pancake Dinner in December, 2015. The support that Cam's Kids has received from the Uxbridge Community has been amazing - but the willingness of young people to come together to support the Foundation is inspirational - it embodies the spirit of youth-helping-youth. Thanks to the entire class and to everyone who attended the event! 


No Drink November

For one month, to honour the memory of friends that I have lost in accidents related to alcohol, I gave up drinking.  It was the most rewarding and challenging month I think I have ever experienced. Read more...

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