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Cam's Story

It felt like things changed overnight. Cameron went from being a well-adjusted, socially accepted, physically active grade 8 student to being unable to attend school regularly in grades 9 & 10. As the stomach aches, nausea and morning expressions of "I feel sick" increased, we worried our son might be seriously ill.

"We had no idea what we were dealing with."

When medical tests ruled out any physiological causes, we tried switching him to another high school, thinking a change of environment might prove helpful. Cameron's symptoms seemed to lessen for a brief period, but soon they were back to where they had been. Eventually, he switched back to his home school.

With the assistance of staff, in particular guidance and the school vice principal, Cameron could carry on his studies at home, taking online courses and writing tests in the guidance office. As Cam felt stronger, he was slowly able to integrate back into classroom learning. Grade 11 saw him fully re-integrated into school.

Throughout this time, Cameron had the support of various health care practitioners and doctors. Learning to successfully manage his anxiety meant incorporating nutrition, herbs, supplements, homeopathy, energy work and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) as required. Not always easy for a teenager trying to appear "normal."   

The individualized attention Cameron received from his high school meant the world of difference in being able to re-integrate into school life, as did the support of his fabulous friends. Cameron continued enjoying his remaining high school years, participating in sports and extra-curricular activities, even emceeing his school's charity talent show in front of a packed house.

In September 2014, Cam moved to the University of Ottawa to begin his post-secondary studies. Two months later, to the day, he was fatally struck by a motor vehicle.  

We, Cam's family, have founded Cam's Kids Foundation in honour of our beautiful son and brother. Our desire is to share some of the experiences we have acquired, create awareness and empower others in managing and/or overcoming their anxiety.

Cam's legacy of love and kindness will live on through this Foundation. In the spirit of his character and all he has taught us, we are committed to “Supporting Young People Struggling with Anxiety” ❤

- Linda, Gord, Andrew and Mitchell Hicks

The Cam's Kids Story

Cam Hicks’ Kids Foundation (Cam’s Kids) is focused on supporting young people struggling with anxiety, helping them cope effectively to reach their full potential and realize their dreams.

Cam’s Kids is committed to “Supporting Young People Struggling with Anxiety” by:

Creating awareness of common anxiety symptoms in young people, assisting in early identification.

Providing tools, lifestyle tips and resources, empowering young people to learn how to manage and overcome anxiety, and know where to reach out for help.

Encouraging peer-to-peer support through our Nationwide Ambassador Program by sharing young people's stories, raising awareness of mental health, and creating a judgment-free community.

Cam’s Kids pursues this vision through three primary programs:

Website, Newsletter and Social Media Content

Cam's Kids’ website is the core component of the foundation. Through the website, newsletter and various social media channels, Cam's Kids provides the relevant information required to promote anxiety awareness, provide the tools, and tell the stories which enable us to achieve our mandate.

National Ambassador Program and Corporate Leaders Program

Cam's Kids believes in the transformative and empowering nature of peer and community support. When young people learn about anxiety and hear stories from others, there is often comfort in knowing that others care and may relate to what they are going through.

Our ambassadors are young volunteers and represent Cam's Kids in their respective communities across Canada. They promote awareness in high schools, universities, colleges, and community centres and assist in promoting Cam's Kids through other activities such as poster campaigns and volunteering at fundraising events in support of Cam's Kids.

Fundraising and Events

Cam's Kids supports and participates in fundraising events where proceeds are being raised for the foundation. These events help create awareness and promote community engagement, encouraging healthy discussions about anxiety and highlights the resources that exist on our website.

Cam’s Kids

"Supporting Young People Struggling with Anxiety"

Two Years Later: After Words

Halloween of 2016 marked the second anniversary of our son Cam's death. That day, I posted this picture of Cam and me on Instagram; we were celebrating his 18th birthday at the cottage and we are sharing a loving hug. The responses to the picture were so kind and so numerous that I could not answer every person, every sweet inquiry, every reminiscence. So this short article is an attempt to do that.

Read Linda's full Article here

Thank You to Our Great Supporters

Cam’s Kids gratefully acknowledges the incredible support that we continue to receive each and every day. Our vision of “Supporting Young People Struggling with Anxiety” is only possible through the generosity of others.

We believe in the power of youth-helping-youth – our supporters clearly share that commitment and for that we are incredibly grateful. Together, we will make a difference in the lives of young people for years to come.

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Thank You to our Corporate Supporters

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A Huge Thank you to all of Cam's Kids' Generous Supporters.

"You're a Beauty!"

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