Peter Dauncey: Anxiety, Weightlifting, and "Making Kids' Lives Better"
Peter Dauncey: Anxiety, Weightlifting, and "Making Kids' Lives Better"
“We can help out, and get some awareness, raise a little money and have everyone out to get some attention for the cause”.

On Sunday, April 24th, Peter Dauncey and Body Fit Health Club hosted a Bench Press Competition and Fundraiser with the proceeds being donated to Cam's Kids. It was such a fun, supportive event that saw competitors push themselves to the limit. The atmosphere at Body Fit was incredible and the friendly competition was evident throughout the afternoon. Thanks to all the competitors, spectators, Body Fit, and to Peter for putting together such a great day.

Peter's passion for helping people and his motivation to raise money and awareness for Cam's Kids and anxiety is greatly appreciated. Read on for the story of one of Cam's Kids' great supporters!

In 1980, Peter Dauncey started his powerlifting career. He’s been hooked ever since.

Intrigued by the weightlifting aspect, Dauncey took part in his first competition in 1982.

I had a pretty good success, and I just liked it,” he said. I like the thrill of it, the excitement of it, the fun of it.”

By the late 90s, Dauncey had a Canadian and World title under his belt and a World Bench Press Record of 615 lbs. to go with it.

After travelling to the states for competitions, Dauncey began volunteering his time as a registered Special Olympics coach.

Dauncey said he doesn’t mind sharing tricks of the trade. He loves helping others, and has no problem showing anyone looking to learn, what he knows.

To fill his desire to help others, Dauncey came forward with the idea of hosting the Bench Press Competition to raise money and awareness for the Cam’s Kids Foundation.

Both Dauncey and his son have been affected by mental health challenges.  

When I was younger I suffered from fairly severe anxiety,” Dauncey said. When he first began experiencing anxiety, Dauncey was unaware what was happening. Thinking there was something majorly wrong, he spoke to his doctor who told him he had anxiety. Right there it felt like 40 per cent of the battle was over just knowing what it was,” he said.

Regardless of his love for the gym, Dauncey said sometimes he would have to force himself to go, but once he was there, he always felt better. It takes your mind off of anxieties and it’s a good treatment or therapy,” he said.

Dauncey’s son who has dealt with anxiety as well as depression, also found hope through working out.

Although Dauncey said he is over his anxieties, he said he still likes to help others.

We can help out, and get some awareness, raise a little money and have everyone out to get some attention for the cause,” he said.

Dauncey’s advice to those suffering with mental health challenges is to talk about it.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of for being depressed or having anxiety,” he said.

Whether it’s a parent, a friend, or a doctor; don’t be afraid to speak out about it.

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