Actions our Ambassadors Take to Make a Positive Change for Mental Health
Actions our Ambassadors Take to Make a Positive Change for Mental Health
Bell Let’s Talk shines a light on the actions that we can all take to make a positive change for mental health. Because now more than ever - every action counts.

Thursday January 28th is Bell Let's Talk Day - and Cam's Kids will be joining in to help create a positive change for mental health.

The pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, including mental health. Which is why this year, Bell Let’s Talk shines a light on the actions that we can all take to make a positive change for mental health. Because now more than ever - every action counts.

And so, we asked our Ambassadors to share one action that they take to make a positive change for mental health. This could be something they do to improve/support their own mental health, or something they do to support others in their community, school campus, friend group, family, etc. 

    1. I journal every night to let out the overwhelming thoughts in my mind. - Laurentian Ambassador
    2. I always stay in contact with friends and family and make sure they are in a good state. - UofT Ambassador
    3. Having a check-in call over the phone/video to stay connected, but also to provide support. :) - George Brown College Ambassador
    4. Something I do for my mental health and encourage others to check out is listening to wellness podcasts. I am currently listening to “Good Influence with Gemma Styles” and it is a great reminder that we all go through a lot of the same hardships and tough times. - Trent Ambassador
    5. My mental health action is making sure to take some time each day for myself, whether it be my workout or a relaxing bath! - Lakehead Ambassador
    6. I try to do fun and calming activities such as painting, colouring or playing with my animals! Also, I make sure I keep up with my friends by doing FaceTime or Zoom calls every week. - Trent Ambassador
    7. Taking the time to further educate myself on mental illness and the best ways in which I can help. - Lakehead Ambassador
    8. I take action by checking in and catching up with friends & family as often as possible! - McMaster Ambassador
    9. I have started to incorporate meditation every night to help with my anxiety! It has been so helpful and really helps in slowing down and focusing on my thoughts as a whole. - George Brown College Ambassador
    10. Smiling at strangers and checking in on my friends/family. - Admin Team
    11. Sending positive messages to others (virtually)! Recently, this has been through good morning texts, drawings, and sending stickers of puppies to my partner/family/friends! - Carleton University Ambassador
    12. Treating mental health just as importantly as I treat physical health! - Carleton University Ambassador 
    13. At the beginning of each week, write a list of 3 people you plan to connect with. An email, phone call, FaceTime, or text message to let them know you are thinking of them. - Dalhousie Ambassador
    14. Something that I love doing on a weekly basis is having my own self care days. I call it self care sundays. I normally have a bath, eat 3 meals out of the day, and pamper myself with things that I enjoy doing. - Lakehead Ambassador
    15. I schedule my day every morning and include small things such as “breakfast” “10 minutes of yoga” “lunch” to feel productive in not only studying but also my overall mental health. - uOttawa Ambassador
    16. Openly talking about mental health issues with friends and family to normalize it! - Guelph Ambassador
    17. I check in on my friends and family members in person or virtually to see how they are doing. - Lakehead Ambassador
    18. I take action by taking breaks when I need them. - McMaster Ambassador
    19. I try to be as active as I can! Whether it be going on a walk with my dogs or doing a 30 minute home workout! - UofT Ambassador
    20. Checking in on friends, but also asking to talk to others when I need it. - Trent Ambassador
    21. Prioritizing exercise and using it as an outlet to destress. - UofT Ambassador
    22. I talk about what I’m going through in hopes to help someone who is scared to open up and get help. - Lakehead (Orillia) Ambassador
    23. My mental health action is being open to talk and express how you are feeling for myself and others. It is okay to take a day for yourself and focus on what you need! - Lakehead Ambassador
    24. I try to dedicate the last hour of my day to doing something enjoyable. Whether it's reading, Netflix, or chatting with a friend, I use this time to make sure I have some time to relax and destress every day. - UofT Ambassador
    25. One action me and my sister take is going skating together. It’s a great opportunity to spend some time together while also getting some fresh air! - UofT Ambassador
    26. Morning Exercise (figure skating)! It is a great way to get a fresh start and feel energetic throughout the day. - UofT Ambassador
    27. Meditation and exercise help me stay in the moment and reduce everyday stress! - uOttawa Ambassador
    28. I make an effort to continuously have conversations with my friends and family about how they are feeling and how their mental health is, along with talking about how I am doing. - Wilfred Laurier Ambassador
    29. Taking time everyday to take a break and spend time outside. This helps me clear my head to think while getting some exercise. - Wilfrid Laurier Ambassador
    30. To start putting in the same effort to support my own mental health as I put into support my physical health. - McMaster Ambassador
    31. I make my bed every single day! That way, even if I have a bad day, feel down or unmotivated, I still know that I was able to accomplish one thing. - Laurentian Ambassador
    32. I reach out to people out of the blue to check in to see how they are, and remind them of the positives! - Laurentian Ambassador
    33. One mental health action that I take to support my mental health is to take occasional breaks from the things that require a lot of my energy, so that I don't get overwhelmed with the task and so I'm able to have energy for the little things. - Guelph-Humber Ambassador
    34. Everyday I get out into nature for a 3km walk, this helps my mind, body and spirit. - Trent Ambassador
    35. I’ve started to take my mental health seriously and become comfortable reaching out for help rather than always putting it on the back burner. - Guelph-Humber Ambassador
    36. I will take time to reflect on the casual magic of each day I am given. - Guelph-Humber Ambassador
    37. To support my own mental health I keep active whether that be through working out or going for walks :) - Guelph-Humber Ambassador
    38. To make a positive change for my mental health, I stay virtually connected with my friends. - Guelph-Humber Ambassador
    39. I have spoken about my struggles with depression and it is being put in a mental health book, the proceeds from the sale will go to Stella's Place. I always speak up about mental health. - Guelph-Humber Ambassador
    40. I listen to my body, and give myself permission to do what it needs. - Admin Team
    41. Another Ambassador and I are fortunate to have the opportunity to organize Cam's Kids weekly Instagram Live sessions that can reach out to many of our members and help brighten their days with exercise. - Trent & OTU Ambassador

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