Cam's Kids Funds LivingWorks Start Suicide Training for Nationwide Ambassadors
Cam's Kids Funds LivingWorks Start Suicide Training for Nationwide Ambassadors
Cam's Kids is honoured to announce that due to the overwhelming success from our Virtual Raffle Fundraiser, over 115 Ambassadors (and counting) have been enrolled in LivingWorks Start training!

Typically each September, Cam's Kids runs an Orientation Week awareness initative at universities and colleges across the country. Students who participate in this initative are then entered to win one of several brand new iPhones - courtesy of our sponsors at Telus. With the covid-19 restrictions, Cam's Kids was unable to run this initative as normal. Instead however, a virtual raffle fundraiser was organized in its place, with one lucky winner taking home an iPhone 11 Pro. All funds raised from this fundraiser were set aside for life-saving suicide-alert training for our nationwide Ambassadors.

Cam's Kids is honoured to announce that due to the overwhelming success from our Virtual Raffle Fundraiser, over 130 Ambassadors (and counting) have been enrolled in LivingWorks Start training! This suicide-alert training is the perfect option at the present time, as it can safely and effectively be run online (as compared to safeTALK certification, which must be run in-person). 

Suicide-alert training provides the skills and tools necessary to be comfortable asking a peer in a mental health crisis, if they are contemplating suicide. It also provides awareness and education on what steps need to be taken, if the response is yes. With the mental health crisis on the rise, this training has never been more important. But don't take our word for it, read some of the testimonials below from Ambassadors who have completed the training! 

  1. "I'd like to say thank you for this opportunity, it was a great experience and I feel confident with the skills I have developed!"
  2. "I learned a whole bunch and just wanted to extend a warm thank you to whoever it may concern for making this training a reality! I feel much better equipped for situations regarding suicide than I did beforehand, and wish I had known about such a certificate in high school."
  3. "This experience and doing the modules really opened my eyes and made me more empathetic, and actually become more hyperaware not only to the close individuals in my life, but even coworkers, classmates I barely even talk to, as well as even strangers you see sitting across from you at a coffee shop. You always have a way to see if someone needs someone to talk to or even ask if they need help. Okay it may be harder to ask strangers, but still, you don't know if you're saving a life or not, just that one simple action of kindness and concern can make a difference. It has completely changed my outlook on life and the people around it."
  4. "I’d say this training inspired me to be more diligent in looking for signs of suicidal thoughts in the ones I love and made me feel more confident in my ability to calmly talk about suicide."
  5. "I just think that it is important to have this skill set. Anyone can suffer from depression and other mental illnesses, which is why it is important to be able to recognize the signs and be able to do something about it. Personally, I want to be a high school teacher; a goal that is only a few years away. With the growing rate of teen suicides, I think that it is important to be knowledgeable on the subject."
  6. "I jumped at the chance to do this training as I've been hoping to have more courses in this area. I've had friends and family members struggle with suicide and since I'm in vet school, I would like to prepare for tough conversations about mental health that I may have with my future clients. I enjoyed the training format and found it very effective for gaining confidence when we could respond to situations ourselves."
  7. "I found the LivingWorks course to be an amazing opportunity and a big eye opener! I think it is important for majority of people to know how to approach and talk to someone who may be having suicidal thoughts, for it could mean saving their life. I am so grateful to have been able to learn these skills through the initiative of Cam's kids, and I whole heartedly recommend all ambassadors take this opportunity to the same."
  8. "I really appreciated receiving this training, it was very eye opening and a good reminder that people who appear to have everything together can still be struggling. It is so crucial that we know the signs of suicide so it can be prevented."
  9. "The Living Works Start Training was an amazing opportunity, for which I am very grateful. It gave me more confidence for those conversations that once seemed difficult or awkward. I discovered that clear and direct questions are key when it comes to suicide prevention and awareness. Thanks to the strategies and resources provided through the training, I feel better prepared for any future encounters with individuals seeking support or safety."
  10. "LivingWorks really does a good job at online-learning. I really wish I knew what I know now a long time ago, but I'm glad I feel confident in what to do now."
  11. "Recently I was given the opportunity to complete the Living works training. This training was especially meaningful to me since mental health and suicide are so prevalent within our society and university culture.  Completing this training gave me a better understanding of how I can become someone's support system for my peers and prevent them from committing suicide. As a university student, I find that a lot of my peers struggle with their mental health, and sometimes, all they need is someone to talk to. Being that support system can make a world of a difference." 
  12. "Being able to participate in the living works training makes me feel like I am able to help keep people around me safer. I was able to learn how to recognize the signs of suicide and the next steps to take if someone I notice is having these thoughts. Thank you for allowing me this amazing opportunity!" 
  13. "The opportunity to learn from and complete LivingWorks Start training was a remarkable experience. Not only did the program increase my confidence in my ability to assist those living with suicidal thoughts but it has made me a better listener. This online training was accessible, user-friendly, and kept me engaged from start until finish. I am incredibly thankful that being a Student Ambassador led me to a certification program that will prove to save lives through so many young leaders such as myself."
  14. "LivingWorks Start training was an extremely eye-opening and worthwhile experience. I gained valuable knowledge pertaining to suicide prevention and grew confidence in my ability to recognize suicidal thoughts and provide the appropriate safety resources which I can apply through my work as a Cam’s Kids ambassador as well as in my daily life."
  15. "The LivingWorks training has provided me with the confidence to have tough conversations about suicide with my friends and loved ones. It has opened my eyes to the signs of depression and suicidal thoughts, which I can now realize and respond to in an impactful manner. The LivingWorks training means a lot to me because I know feel much safer knowing I can help the people I love in times of need."
  16. "To me, the LivingWorks training means that I can feel more confident confronting the topic of suicide head on and without hesitation. Everyone deserves support when experiencing suicidal thoughts, and so I think it’s everyone's responsibility to learn to become more open, confident and supportive for those reaching out for help. I’m grateful I was given the opportunity by Cam’s Kids to complete this training, because I now know ways to navigate these sensitive conversations."
  17. "I think this was one of the most useful and impactful training I have ever done. It taught me so many new critical skills that are important when dealing with individuals going through a rough time. The things I learned from the training session will be things that I will definitely carry throughout the rest of my life. It made me more aware, less ignorant and genuinely just more knowledgeable on how to approach certain situations in different ways, according to the situation the person is dealing with. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. it not only made me more aware of how to approach individuals who are suicidal but it also made me more aware of the different utilities and resources that are provided which is helpful for my community as well as for myself. The interactive training with the real-life situation practices was so useful because it allowed me to really apply the knowledge I learned into real life situations if I were to ever deal with it at a point."
  18. "It is a great program and it should be promoted more. Everyone should be able to handle situations where they can help someone."
  19. "It was a great experience to learn the proper steps in dealing with suicide first-hand. I now feel more comfortable and confident in helping family, friends, or anyone who is dealing with suicidal thoughts."
  20. "Participating in this training meant a lot to me. As someone who struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts, I found this training very beneficial and informative. I think this type of training is incredibly important, especially during the difficult times we are experiencing now. It means a lot to me that I was able to participate in this training and learn how to save someone's life."
  21. "Participating in this training was very meaningful for me as it helped build my perspective on approaching sensitive topics, like suicide and anxiety. Additionally, the interactive nature of the training was very engaging with scenarios in place. I believe I can apply all that I learned to the real world and also make a significant impact on others."
  22. "This training was really helpful for developing my knowledge of suicide prevention. The TASC model helped to break down the steps to recognize when someone has suicidal thoughts and these are skills I can use and build on in my future practice."

On behalf of our Ambassadors, we extend our deepest gratitude to all who supported our Virtual Raffle Fundraiser! Without you, this would not have been possible. 

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