November Recap: Movember and No Drink November
November Recap: Movember and No Drink November
November is always a busy month for the Cam’s Kids Foundation, and now that it’s December it’s time to reflect on everything we’ve accomplished this past month.

November is always a busy month for the Cam’s Kids Foundation, and now that it’s December it’s time to reflect on everything we’ve accomplished this past month. 

Each year at Cam’s Kids we celebrate No Drink November. Created by Logan Robinson, No Drink November was started to “honour the memory of friends that [she has] lost in accidents related to alcohol.” Logan encourages others to join her during her month of sobriety for No Drink November, and this year we had multiple Ambassadors and Cam’s Kids Supporters participate. 

We asked participants how their No Drink November went, and this is what they said: 

“No Drink November was easier than I thought it would be! At social gatherings, I enjoyed a pop (which I don't usually drink) or water and still had a great time. Great lesson for me that you can have fun without consuming alcohol.” 

— Carleigh Rebecca (Working Ambassador)

“I successfully finished No Drink November! I chose this challenge to honour those who have lost their lives in accidents related to alcohol. It also gave me time to focus on my mental health and find other activities to destress. Usually, my friends and I would have wine night after an exam. It was nice to find other alternatives to celebrate after a stressful week. My favourite was making hot chocolate bombs and decorating for the holidays. I am excited to make this my tradition and participate next year!”

 — Sydney Ramsey (University of Ottawa Ambassador)

“This no drink November has its challenges (as always!) However, this time I was intentional about how I wanted to spend my month. And because of that, I’ve definitely created some habits that are here to stay! I encourage everyone to try a sober month, not only is it good for your body, but also your brain, heart, and soul 💖.”

— Logan Robinson (Cam’s Kids Supporter)

“My No Drink November experience brought so much awareness and reflection into my life. While honouring such an important message, I felt as though my energy increased, as well as my overall happiness. I am so grateful to have taken part in the initiative and am currently planning my own personal No Drink December as I have been feeling great!”

 — Haley Hayhoe (Western University Team Lead)
“I’m not much of a drinker, so every year, NDN is normally pretty easy for me, but it’s like a sign saying wet paint, the second you can’t have something, you want it. This year definitely tempted me with different excuses and every one that came up I refused because I know my will power and self awareness is stronger than any drink (except coffee, I need that).”

 - Miranda Sarosi (Cam’s Kids Working Ambassador)

November is also a time to celebrate men’s health, which Cam’s Kids supported through our participation in Movember. During Movember, Cam’s Kids "Mo Bros" and "Mo Sisters" came together to make a lasting difference in men's physical and mental health by raising funds and awareness, growing ‘staches, and getting active. 

As a team, Cam’s Kids raised $1,440 to help fund the men’s health initiative, and walked, ran, cycled, and jogged 350km — that’s 4/5 the length of the Grand Canyon! Some of our “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sisters” documented their Movember journeys — check out their pictures below! 

We are so grateful for the dedication and enthusiasm that our Ambassadors and supporters showed during our November initiatives; we can’t wait to see what next November holds! 

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