Uxbridge Psychotherapist Donates All Profits to Cam's Kids From Weekly Virtual Support Group
Uxbridge Psychotherapist Donates All Profits to Cam's Kids From Weekly Virtual Support Group
When COVID hit and restrictions were continually imposed, Registered Psychotherapist and Cam's Kids Expert Joelle Anderson wanted to make sure she was still supporting those in need.

When COVID hit and restrictions began to pile up, the need for support and resources skyrocketed. Registered Psychotherapist Joelle Anderson recognized this need and acted quickly - designing a weekly support group designed to help people with mental and emotional challenges that arose as we all began social distancing and coping with COVID-19. 

This group "met" virtually each Monday, beginning the session with a mindfulness/grounding skill. From there they would then focus on sharing any difficult thoughts, experiences and/or emotions that had been arising for group members. The group members were also invited to share their own forms of coping, what had been working for them, similar thoughts/feelings, and/or therapeutic insights. 

This support group began in late March and ran for most of the summer. During this time, Joelle asked participants to pay what they could to participate, knowing she wanted to donated all profits to a local organization or community service.

Now that restrictions have slowly lifted and the demand for the group diminished, the group has come to an end. Participants were asked to vote on who they wish to be the recipient of the weekly donations collected. Cam's Kids is honoured to announce that we are the proud recipient!

We are so thankful that Joelle was able to support so many in a time of need, and are incredibly humbled to receive the donation. ❤️

If you wish to learn more about Joelle, her practice, or her countless midnfulness tips, we encourgae you to please visit her website or email her at [email protected] . 

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