Christmas Thyme

Christmas Thyme
Christmas Thyme
It's one of the most magical and festive times of the year. It has us attending countless gatherings, which can bring excitement and happiness, but also anxiety due to the indulgent foods and desserts that will be front and centre on the tables.

By Stephanie Di Grazia, RHN

It's one of the most magical and festive times of the year. It has us planning parties, attending countless gatherings, and connecting with our friends and family. While these gathering can bring excitement and happiness, they can also bring about anxiety due to the indulgent foods and desserts we know are going to be front and centre on the tables. 

Some of us exhibit focus and control, withholding from indulging in any treats.

Some of us say: "Screw it, it’s the holidays, I'm going to indulge". 

Some of us rather avoid these parties all together.

Whatever the case may be, here are some tips on how you can achieve balance and enjoyment.

  1. Drink lots of water to flush out all the excess sodium, sugar and junk from these foods.
  2. Portion control – a small portion of the foods/drinks you are eyeing will not make as much of a dent as a massive pile of mashed potatoes, double portion of dessert and 6 sodas.
  3. Choose 1-2 things that are your ‘must have’ treats and resist the rest. Load up on lean proteins, veggies and salad and indulge in a small scoop or piece of whatever your less-healthy favourites are.
  4. Eat light during the day – have enough food so you aren’t showing up hangry and ready to inhale everything in sight. Save some extra calories to have some wiggle room to enjoy a little more so you aren’t greatly surpassing your daily calorie needs.
  5. Bring a dish – bring something a little healthier so you are guaranteed at least 1 healthier option to fill up on if the offerings at your gathering are heavy, calorie dense and nutrient less.
  6. STRESS LESS - Stress causes cortisol to spike, which promotes fat storage in the body. Stay calm and carry on even if you know you ate a bit too much, or your meddling family member is asking when you’re getting engaged or when you’re having a baby or drilling you with other invasive questions to get your blood boiling!

Remember... this is a thyme for joy, love & gratitude! 

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